Successful management of multicultural teams

- These tailor-made seminars enable participants to understand how teams consisting of different cultures work and that this changes over time.

- The 14 intercultural dimensions are studied and analysed. The Intercultural Profile of each participant is a very powerful tool for analysing needs.

- The native or dominant culture is studied in relation to the target culture.

- The three processes which coexist in a multicultural team will be introduced, analysed and simulated; the planning process, the action process and the inter-personal and communication process.

As a general rule our clients’ requests concern:

- Performance:
Non-achievement of specific acquisition or international project objectives leads Top Management to react.
A strong synergy and trustworthy communication are necessary for injecting new enthusiasm into professional stakes, driving for change and project management.

- Growth:
Development of transcultural skills where mergers and acquisitions are concerned.

For whom

- General managers
- HR managers
- International project managers
- Managers with international responsibilities


- Rapid understanding of the origins and distinctive features of the target culture and acquisition of the communication and local management keys and tools.
- Increased efficiency of teams consisting of people from different cultures by mastering the best uses of management and communication tools.
- Rapid understanding of the positive impact of multicultural teams in relation to monocultural teams and also how to avoid restraints and even obstacles caused by a fear of difference.
- Efficient management of local multicultural teams or distance management of virtual teams.
- Successful Headquarters – Subsidiary interface creation and maintenance.


Led by the best international experts. Our trainers and coaches, of various nationalities and with various skills, have all acquired “field” experience in large multinational groups at high hierarchical levels. Their expertise and enthusiasm guarantee the quality of our seminars and enable them to pertinently respond to the demands of our international clientele.